Not much going on

So, I’ve been pretty busy lately.  I just got satellite installed after going without for half a year.  I’m still not certain I made the right choice.  So many channels, so little to see.  Still, I have a vague download cap on the internet, so I need to offload some of my TV watching onto the actual TV.  Also watching a lot of movies of late, both on my premium channels and through Netflix.  I’m not a total couch potato though.  I like to watch TV while I exercise and vice versa.

On the political side, not much new going on in politics.  Republicans want lower taxes, Democrats want higher taxes, but both sides agree that the best thing for America is procrastinating until every tiny thing becomes a state of emergency.  It makes you long for the efficiency of a tyrannical monarch selected by the church, financed by pirates and defended by mercenaries.

The only thing that caught my eye was Obama’s trip to Israel.  He gave the obligatory “Israel is great and we love them and please remember that during the next election season, people back home.”  But he also talked a lot about the state of Palestine and how important their struggle is to both peoples.  The need for justice on both sides.  The need for safety and security on both sides.  It’s a tough situation all the way around.  Both sides act like a bunch of spoiled children and neither side can seem to see what they are doing to the other.  Israel faces a terrorist threat that few people here can understand.  On the other hand, the Palestinians face a life of colonization, marginalization and complete disenfranchisement.

Jimmy Carter got in deep trouble for criticizing the treatment of the Palestinians.  I think his points were valid though.  They claimed that he was in some way supporting terrorist attacks when he clearly was not.  He was simply saying there’s blame on both sides, which there always is in any conflict.  If I pointed out that because of the strict sanctions placed on Germany by America and Europe after the end of WWI they suffered massive inflation that led to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, is that the same as condoning the Nazis?  No.  Not at all.  We all love killing Nazis (America’s favorite pasttime since we finally decided to care about WWII in 1941), but nonetheless we need to know what caused the problem to prevent it from happening again.

Israel has a terrible choice to make.  Trust the other side with no guarantee that their trust will be rewarded or destroy the other side completely.  It can seem like there are other choices.  Leaders make those rationalizations all over the world.  “We aren’t going to commit genocide.  We’re just going to box them up and they’ll go away.”  That doesn’t work.  If only all of life’s problems could be swept under a rug or shoved in a closet.  If the Palestinians prosper, their anger will fade over the generations and peace will be realized.  If they suffer, their anger will build and one side will be forced to exterminate the other to satiate that internal desire for social justice.   Thus anything between real peace and genocide is a facade.  A measure taken simply to alleviate guilt for an eventuality.

On second thought, maybe an American shouldn’t be telling someone else how to deal with the indigenous people of their land.  As in all things, do as we say, not as we do.


About fanaticalhypocrite

I'm your average agnostic Irish Catholic Welsh Jew born in rural West Virginia as the mildly autistic son of a motorcycle riding nurse and an unemployed, ex-military, atheist theology major (likes there's any other kind.) Just another tragically disconnected member of the bitter American proletariat living in the twilight of U.S. world dominance. I'm a medical transcriptionist by day ("They're going to fire me tomorrow" has been my motto for 11 years), a security guard/campground host/lost & found department/problem solver/bouncer/bookkeeper understudy 24/7/365, and a nerdy wannabe writer by night. And also day. My life is basically a non-linear blender full of random activities. And now I run a blog because... why not? It's not like I was using my precious time to cure disease or end world hunger. Might as well tell a bunch of strangers about why [insert anything here] really pisses me off.
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