This is my first attempt at a blog and I’m very lazy, so it’ll take a while to get started.  The majority of what you will see here are my own personal thoughts in the form of rants and essays on various subjects.  The various horrors of politics, science, religion, society, etc.  Why should you bother reading this stuff?  I have no clue.  What are you doing reading random internet blogs?  You clearly need to get a life.


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  1. Sabura says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, FH. Looking forward to more of your humor and words of wisdom, as time permits, of course. Maybe even some of the backlog of your old Political Board posts that you’ve saved and which I never got a chance to see? (being fairly new to that board myself) “Retro” posting is cool by me. 🙂

  2. pc&si says:

    I’m with Sabura. MOAR POSTS – even necroposting. I’m still bummed I didn’t save the ones that I particularly enjoyed.

    *whip crack* 😉

  3. R. U. Stillatranscriptionist says:

    Why are you so political, Fanatical Hypocrite? It’s really refreshing. Can you guess who I am from MTStars? LOL.

    • Why am so political? Partly inherited: My grandmother used to write her congressman weekly along with letters to the White House, the Senate, Congress in general, and any corporation she felt was messing up. She didn’t like the Pope either, but there’s no real suggestion box in the Vatican. And like all great complainers I’m egotistical enough to think I could do a better job. “Dear President: *Rolling my eyes.* Just let me do it, since you’re obviously not getting it.” You know what they say, if you can’t do, teach. If you can’t teach, lead. If you can’t lead, complain.

      Hmm… RC? doe? Regardless, welcome to the inside of my brain. It’s got wide open spaces and most of the voices are friendly;)

  4. R. U. Stillatranscriptionist says:

    LOL – the chain that leads to complain. No, not RC, not doe…
    Having a problem with the whole Pope thing – I think the Vatican should maybe just be a museum, period – or maybe a fancy hotel. It’s like the train Stalin rode around on – it’s now a tourist attraction, you can sit in Stalin’s seat on the train. I’m tired of “social conservatism.” And if you know anything about the concentration of power in the Vatican, that took place around time of WWI, WWII – and how it paralleled/intertwined with fascist concentration of power – I don’t know…it revolts me, how the Vatican and the Pope are portrayed in the mass media. “Benignly.” They don’t deserve it. Throw in the pedophile scandal/coverup…done. Let the Catholic church get a nice boring highrise building, utterly bland, and give the Vatican property to Italy.

    • Sabura says:

      Me too, with the pope thing, revolted. You might get a little catharsis from this, R.U.; I know I did [caution: strong language, though deservedly so]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTIorwtJbhE

      (scratching my head over “RC” … I guess I need to scrabble through the PB archives)

      • LOL! I love Tim Minchin! On a related note, I do find it hilarious that people get more offended at bad language than heinous criminal acts committed by and covered up by clergy.

        RC hasn’t used that name in quite a while on MTStars. At least some of the posts by Kava are her I believe. Don’t know if she’s still there or what name she goes by now. Back before and during the election, Grits, Bootstraps, RC and myself were all fairly prolific posters on the liberal side.

        http://general.mtstars.com/324171.html – Her post in response to my response always cracks me up.

    • Seems like everyone I know these days is ex-Catholic, lapse Catholic or “I don’t go to church or believe in the holy doctrines anymore, but I’m still Catholic.” Which to me is like those generic versions of popular cereals. If it doesn’t say Cocoa Puffs, it’s not Cocoa Puffs. Just say you’re spiritual or a deist. Catholics go to church. It’s actually a requirement.

      A friend who is still sort of on the fence was arguing that the Church does a lot for the poor and needy through charitable work. I prefer my charities less preachy. And it seems other charities don’t molest the kids they’re helping, so that’s a plus. It wouldn’t even be half as bad if when these things were found out the Church sent out some sort of robed, masked inquisitors who drag the pedophile priests away in the night and imprison them in the catacombs beneath the Apostolic Palace to live off of rats and condensation. Instead they cover it up and make the offender move. Like it was the hostile workplace of their last posting that caused the problem.

      Plus, I’ve never liked charitable organizations with huge marble buildings, painted ceilings, stained glass windows and gold ornaments. Here’s an idea for a church: Find a family living on the street and build them a house. Call it a “single family church.” The Bible says the meek shall inherit the Earth, but admittedly the church hasn’t died yet.

      I’ve got nothing against religion, but once you get money or government in it, things go bad for everybody. Now we have Megachurches, because if it worked for Wal-mart why not religion? Jesus isn’t the only one who saves when you buy faith in bulk.

      How did I not guess this before, Bootstraps? The future Secretary of State in the FH administration.

      • Sabura says:

        [piggybacking on this one, since the nesting limit has been reached on the above post where I really should be replying]: Just between all of us (heh), amongst my sybil-esque monikers there are mraker, a lib, Kavacus, and now mostly one of the capital SM/NM’s. I didn’t start on the board until around early February, so I’m still getting acquainted with who all the personalities are (even have a little roster I’m keeping, esp. for those who shed/change their skins occasionally, like me).

        Say, if it’s not taken yet, President FH, can I petition for the ambassadorship to Canada? (eventually seeing the Aurora Borealis is the only item on my bucket list)

        • I changed the nesting limit, but forgot to save the change. I just changed it to 6. Ah, I’ve definitely seen you around then.

          The position is definitely open. You could also be ambassador to Alaska, because as president I plan on selling it to the highest bidder and they’ll need someone to help them with the transition to a foreign government. I don’t like Sarah Palin or grizzly bears, so they can be someone else’s problem for a change;)

          During aurora season http://spaceweather.com/ has stunning pictures of auroras. I only saw the one that happened here in California a while back. The sky turned a little green. Made me wish I was further up north to see a real one. A decade before I was born, my mom took a motorcycle trip from Maryland to Alaska and down through Canada. So she’s seen the real thing up close.

          Makes me want a motorcycle. Then I trip and fall on the way to the kitchen and realize I should stick to pedestrian travel.

          • Sabura says:

            Cool, I didn’t even know about the nesting limit until this and that it was modifiable. I’ve gone and changed mine now too.

            Hmm, Alaska. I think I’ll take a pass, too tainted by Palin and her ilk; I’m looking for cushy comfort with hopefully a majority of ideologically compatible denizens in my later years, not such a challenge. How about New Zealand as an alternative? I’m not picky about which aurora, Australis or Borealis, I just usually say Borealis because it seems more likely for me.

            I wanted a motorcycle too when I was younger (especially a Triumph, so neat-looking, but I understand they’re leaky). I did have a Honda Spree 50 cc scooter as my first vehicle for a couple of years, went everywhere on that little thing, carting groceries and laundry in my milk crate that was bungeed to the back rack. Fun. I’ve thought about getting a scooter again, but the thought of being a now 52-year-old riding one dissuades me. And also imagining wearing a head cooker (always helmeted, regardless if not required) in 109-degree Arizona heat… Really need to get me an old clunker with halfway decent air conditioning. It’s a ways down on the list of things I can afford on my depreciated MLS salary, though, especially since my altruistic Quaker lady friend (who truly exemplies the best sense of that ideal, no religious hypocrite she) is happy to drive me on errands for now.

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