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I'm your average agnostic Irish Catholic Welsh Jew born in rural West Virginia as the mildly autistic son of a motorcycle riding nurse and an unemployed, ex-military, atheist theology major (likes there's any other kind.) Just another tragically disconnected member of the bitter American proletariat living in the twilight of U.S. world dominance. I'm a medical transcriptionist by day ("They're going to fire me tomorrow" has been my motto for 11 years), a security guard/campground host/lost & found department/problem solver/bouncer/bookkeeper understudy 24/7/365, and a nerdy wannabe writer by night. And also day. My life is basically a non-linear blender full of random activities. And now I run a blog because... why not? It's not like I was using my precious time to cure disease or end world hunger. Might as well tell a bunch of strangers about why [insert anything here] really pisses me off.

Historic Moments

So, I want to talk about the moments in your life that change everything.  A huge part of any narrative are defining moments.  Those points where the character, through action, dialogue or event, faces a crucial decision, change in view, … Continue reading

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Racism, It’s All Fun and Games Until It’s Your Own Race

An unrelated commentary:  I just want to point out that only days after I post my satirical article about how white people are more dangerous than Syrian refugees, there was a white terror attack and now everyone’s on the hatin’ … Continue reading

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The White Menace

As the Syrian refugee debate rages across the internets and the airwaves, and suggestions are made about what to do about it, generally ranging from not accepting refugees to putting anyone suspicious (e.g. Muslim) in camps, which has no negative … Continue reading

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Remembering a friend

Been a while again, but I had to get this out of my brain.  I wrote this for Domestic Violence Awareness month (which is October for those who don’t know.)  A friend of mine got me involved in raising awareness … Continue reading

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Battle of the Sexes

So, it’s been about a year and a half since I wrote a post for this blog.  I decided recently to come back to it.  It’s a nice place to get my thoughts onto paper (metaphorically speaking) and out of … Continue reading

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God’s disappointed in me and the feeling is mutual

So, obviously I’ve been gone a while.  Been dealing with a lot of drama and then I was so tired I rarely got out of bed besides work, though I let a lot of that just slide.  I used to … Continue reading

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The Cowardly Traveler Pays the Toll

It’s only been almost 2 months since I created the music section of this blog and I’ve written an astounding 0 posts in it.  Promises from me cannot be trusted.  Better later than never I suppose. So, the first musician … Continue reading

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